Trip Aim

What is it?...

It is having a personal guide on your phone that will allow you to explore at your own pace and safely the places you want to know.

It is not essential to go with a group of people to get to know the places. With our tourist guide on your mobile you will have current quality content prepared by local experts, the closest thing to the recommendations that some friends living there would make you.

Advantages of using Trip Aim
  • It does not require an internet connection.
  • In 8 simultaneous languages.
  • Audio and videos in the activities.
  • Created by Local Experts.
  • GPS easy to use and very intuitive.
What is it?... - What is it?...

How do I use the TripAim audio guide?

It is very simple

The guide is structured by routes. Each route is made up of activities with location data, image, description, audio and video.

Local Experts are people in love with their city who plan the traveler's stay.
The time it takes to plan a trip is considerable. If you don't have it or you're lazy, a Local Expert has done it for you.
The routes are designed for you to explore at your own pace and depending on your availability.
In addition to the traditional itineraries, you will get to know corners and places frequented by locals and where tourists do not arrive.
If you go to a destination where you don't understand the language, don't worry, the Local Expert speaks your language.
The content you will find in the guide is current, of quality and prepared by our local experts.

For work reasons I usually travel very frequently and I always try to dedicate some day to get to know the place where I am going. Over the years I have tried many tourist guides until I discovered TripAim. Without hesitation the simplest and most practical. Congratulations

Pedro Salgado

Using Trip Aim as a family has been a very good experience. My children think that the guide could be improved, but in general they are happy.

Elena Fernandez

It has been very easy for us to use during our visit to Budapest. We have not had any problem getting to places without knowing the language.

Carmen Alvarez

We have made a trip without having planned anything about the destination and with Trip Aim we have returned very satisfied. We will repeat in the next holidays.

Ernesto Vargas

The difference between Trip Aim and other tourist guides is very noticeable. I recommend it.

Miriam Fuentes

When you are in the destination is when you realize how much Trip Aim can help you, to know and visit every corner. You really feel like you live there.

Sandra Leon

What are the advantages that Local Experts have prepared the travel guides?
There are many advantages, the main one is that you do not have to spend your time looking for information about the place of your trip and most importantly, that when a Local Expert intervenes who knows the places to visit, the routes are planned based on the time that you have.
Most of the Local Experts are in love with their city and in many cases they are local guides who know every corner and the events that will take place when you are traveling.
No, the travel guide does not work from a computer. The APP is only available for mobile devices.
No, TripAim has integrated up to 6 languages ​​in the same guide and you can change the language simultaneously in both text and audio.
TripAim is structured in routes, each of them made up of activities.
Don't worry, we will allow each of them to install the APP on their mobile so that each one is independent when consulting the information.
Our APP does not require the Internet, so you will have all the information available without the need for an Internet connection.