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What is a Tripaim Member?

If your website has a theme related to the services that Tripaim offers, we encourage you to enroll in the affiliate program and increase the conversions of your visitors. Registration is free subscription, easy registration and does not require technical knowledge.

What I have to do?

As soon as we have your request, we will look for the most suitable way for the visitors of your website and social networks to access the services offered by Tripaim. Our banners are static images, without sound or videos, respectful with your readers.

What’s in it for me?

Being an affiliate of Tripaim will provide you with income originated by the users who access the Tripaim platform from your website and social networks.

How does the process work?

Tripaim users who access from your website have your associated affiliate code and our portal will show a logo of your brand. If the user hires the planning, the customer and the affiliate will be receiving an email with the purchase.

How do I track hirings?

Tripaim has an access for Affiliates where you can consult online the status of the visitors’ hiring from the affiliate sites.

When do we start?

If you are interested in you have to fill in the Affiliate application form. As soon as it arrives we will contact you and together we will see the most convenient way for your visitors to access our services on your behalf.

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