Trip Aim

What is it?...

It is a great Local Experts family in love with the place where they reside that suggest travelers to live an experience as if they lived there.

With Trip Aim every trip will be memorable. Your Local Expert will plan your stay and prepare a personalized audio guide with original local experiences.

Advantatges to use Trip Aim
  • Very simple to hire.
  • You’ll have a tailor-made planning.
  • You’ll live as a local.
  • We’re to your willingness during your stay.
  • Your audio guide is unique and in your language.
What is it?... - What is it?...

How do I use the Trip Aim’s audio guide?


You’ll be able to consult your personalized audio guide in the user’a access of Trip Aim from users from your mobile, even if you use it in Offline.

Local Experts are people in love with their city who plan the traveler’s stay in accordance with his/her preferences.
The time needed to plan a trip is considerable. If you don’t have it or you can’t be bothered by doing it, a Local Expert will do it for you.
Your planning is unique, exclusive for you, looking after your needs and preferences.
In addition to the traditional routes you’ll get to know local-frequented places that tourists don’t get to see.
If you’re departing somewhere you don’t speak the language, don’t worry, the Local Expert speaks your same language.
We will suggest you places to eat, which most will have affordable prices and won’t have tourists.

Very good service and compliance. Bilingual guides with a lot of cultural knowledge of the places we visited. Really good.

Julia Fernandes

My 3 kids and I took the service. It was a great experience, we found exactly what we wanted.

Bianca Barbosa

Truth is they gave us an incredible attention. We were very well attended by Ursula, and Jimmy the guide was very enjoyable. We had an amazing trip.

Amanda Oliveira

We went to Barcelona knowledgeless and we got to do a lot of excursions with this service, it helped us a lot.

Sophia Rodrigues

While I was planning my trip to Madrid I found this Web and I’ve been lucky to find such an excellent human team, the Local Expert has helped me with everything I’ve asked him.

Isabela Costa

When we went to Amsterdam with my friends, Trip Aim was in charge of organizing our weekend. It was so special, very interesting and really well taken.

Carolina Castro

What are the advantages of hiring a Local Expert?
There are a lot of extras. Fundamentally, you don’t have to spend time looking for information about the destination. Moreover, a Local Expert will suggest you places to visit depending on the time you have and attending your tastes and preferences.
Most of the Local Experts are in love with their city and, normally, local guides who know every place and event that will be thrown during your stay.
Your Local Expert will send you an email with a first proposal of planning based on your tastes and preferences.
It’s probable that you’ll be asked some more questions to customize your itinerary.
The Local Expert will make changes and modify the planning so that your stay is more satisfactory.
The objective is to reach an agreement from both parts.
When you’re agree with the Local Expert, we’ll give you Access to the web where you’ll have all the information. We will create you an personalized APP so that you can download it in your phone.
Don’t worry, we’ll allow them to download the APP in their pone so that each of them can be free to check the information.
Our APP doesn’t use WIFI, you’ll have all the information available with no need of being connected to the internet.